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GreenPath Energy Ltd. is North America’s premier emission management service provider for the oil and gas industry. We specialize in methane emission detection, measurement and reduction solutions. This includes equipment inventory collection, leak detection and repair (LDAR) for fugitive emissions, and methane emission reduction project development. Our technical expertise and diverse experience in emissions management ensures we provide clients with solutions that will allow for efficient use of capital while still achieving significant emission reductions and regulatory compliance.

Our expertise in building best practice fugitive and vented emission management solutions has been developed since 2007 through our extensive oil & gas backgrounds and utilizing the best technology. We engage regularly with government, regulatory bodies, industry associations, and technology providers to ensure we are at the leading edge of emission management program requirements and solutions.




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Infrared Emission Detection

GreenPath Energy Ltd. specializes in infrared emission detection services for oil & producers. Our Emission Technologists utilize a FLIR GFx320 IR camera to visualize the location of hydrocarbon emission sources essential for regulatory compliance and product recovery. The FLIR GFx320 can detect the most common emission oil & gas emission sources (sour & sweet methane, ethane, propane, butane,etc)


  • Fugitive emission inspections
  • Storage tank losses
  • Source odour detection
  • Facility start up / turnaround purge
  • Area hazard classification
  • Public complaint internal investigation

Better Data Better Decisions

  • Identify exact source of leaking and venting emission
  • Cost effectively inspect hundreds of components
  • Inspection without interruption of facility operations
  • Meets AER, OGC, BC WCI GHG , Sask ER and EPA requirments


Fugitive Emission Quantification

GreenPath integrated instrumentation experience and in-house expertise utilize a suite of emission quantification tools to accurately quantify sources of detected leaking and venting emission sources.


  • Fugitive emission inspections
  • Storage tank losses
  • Source odour detection
  • Economic analysis / business case development
  • Area hazard classification
  • Public complaint internal investigation

Better Data Better Decisions

  • Develop cost effective repair strategies
  • Make informed business decisions based on economic analysis
  • Calculate emission volumes and product losses from each facility
  • Determine GHG emission reductions from repair & elimination activities
  • Meets AER, OGC, BC WCI GHG , Sask ER and EPA requirments

CHOPS Vent gas measurement

GreenPath provides both technical and on-site services tailored to your vent gas needs. Our Emission Technologist experienced in vent gas measurements applications & scenarios and are able to deliver a turnkey solution for you. Utilizing a GreenPath Gas Turbine meter package, GreenPath Emission Technologist have delivered multiple turnkey CHOPS vent quantification campaigns for clients to forecast regulatory compliance and generate accurate GOR test results to build informed economic business cases for vent gas capture at low pressure gas tie-in and gathering systems as well as casing gas compressor optimization. Our service and customized meter design and installation resulted in:

  • Increased data accuracies over traditional CHOPS metering i/e oriface meters
  • In-depth insight into casing gas vent behaviour and long term vent capacities
  • Significant cost savings due to simple installation. no external power requirements.
  • No disruption to well servicing activities
  • Simple liquid & Oil drop out keeping turbine meter and flow run dry and liquid free.
  • Proven operation in extreme cold weather when heat traced
  • No evidence of back pressure on casing gas flow. Did not disrupt oil production
  • Minimal installation foot print and highly flexible to wellsite design and process engineering
  • Excellent turn down ratio response with proper turbine pitch installed

Fugitive Emission Management Program Development

GreenPath develops custom Fugitive Emission Management Programs (FEMP) that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Our programs are tailored to maximize benefits in a costs effective manner

Dl&M Program Development
Tailored to clients needs, we develop custom Directed Inspection and Maintenance (DI&M) programs, and develop customized inspection schedules based on budget, facility type, size and location. The intent of a fugitive emission DI&M program is to:

  • Locate and identify the sources of fugitive emissions
  • Document emissions source data and media
  • Track and confirm repair and recovery opportunities
  • Propose emissions elimination or reduction recommendations
  • Develop practices and technologies for reducing fugitive losses caused by routine operating processes

Fugitive Emission Area Hazard Classification

GreenPath has extensive experience in conducting on-site fugitive emission detection and quantification assessments in support of area hazard classification studies. Our goal is to ensure that area classification design is appropriate and safe working environments are maintained.


GreenPath provides both technical services tailored to meet or exceed BC WCI GHG reporting requirements.
Our BC WCI GHG solutions include:

  • Program guidance and management development
  • Fugitive emission detection of facility process leaks
  • Hydrocarbon storae vent measurement
  • Scrubber dump valve leak measurement
  • Reciprocating and Centrifugal vent quantification
  • In-depth review, analysis and verification of BC WCI GHG reporting results
  • Tailored reporting and documentation the meets WCI requirements

GHG Emission Inventories and Mitigation

GreenPath provides in-depth GHG emission inventory and mitigation services. Our suite of expertise includes:

  • GHG Emissions Inventories and Mitigation Evaluating methane regulatory frame works
  • Development. aggregation and verification of GHG inventories
  • Business development and risk analysis of emerging regulatory issues
  • Protocol and regulatory development consulting
  • 3rd party technology applications. analysis and feasibility studies


GreenPath in-house expertise is able to guide and develop opportunities to pursue carbon credits including:

  • Enabling technology providers to develop business cases for their products by developing detailed financial models
  • Determining legitimacy of suppliers financial models by examine underlying assumptions and testing model build quality
  • Feasibility and return on investment studies for prospective carbon offset projects
  • Linking carbon offset purchase agreements to underlying economics
  • Assist in the negation of terms with offset suppliers and project proponents
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Safety is important to GreenPath Energy . Our goal is to eliminate all accidents and injuries, both on and off the project site. We consider the health and safety of all employees, subcontractors and associated trades and individuals to be the prime consideration in carrying out our work.

GreenPath Energy is SECOR Company and active members with:

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GreenPath 2016 Alberta Fugitive And Vented Emissions Inventory Study – Download PDF

AER Survey Data – Download PDF

GreenPath Venting Videos – Download ZIP

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